Day 160

Forgot to post this video last night… Simon is playing on the bed (and complaining a bit) and is learning how to push up on his arms. Soon to be crawling? Maybe. He is also talking more and sounds a bit like he is saying “da-da!”. It’s really cute but I don’t think he understands what he is saying.

Simon is starting to recognize his pacifier and will reach toward it. Here is is ready for a nap. We can tell since he is scratching his head which is one of his signals that he is getting sleepy.

Simon trying to hypnotize you with his penetrating stare…

When I got home, I played with Simon and had him practice sitting up. I love how wobbly he is in trying to balance himself but overall he’s doing a pretty good job.

What I didn’t catch is that he fell with a bonk on his forehead shortly after I stopped the video.

Since he tends to fall forward, we found out that letting him sit up on his playmat provides good support for his big head. Check out the video to see how…

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