4 Month Well Baby Visit

Day 122

Simon is 4 months old today!  I can’t believe how fast time has flown by.  We are starting to retire some of his outfits because they longer fit!  Last night I put on these set of PJs but his legs hardly fit into them, he can’t extend his legs all the way since the fabric is too short.  Since he was already so tired last night I didn’t bother changing them out yet so Ron changed him in the morning.  But one last photo.  He is grabbing his purple elephant toy that makes music when he pulls on it.  If he pulls on it multiple times, the tune changes.


My frog prince waiting for a kiss!


Simon had his 4 month well baby visit this afternoon.  My coworkers were very understanding and let me get away for a bit to be with Simon and Ron during his appointment.  Although since I was away for an hour, I ended up staying late to finish up my work.  With the holiday weekend, preparations for next week involved more week since fitting all the patients in four days instead of the regular five days since Monday is a holiday.

Simon’s official numbers:

Weight  = 16 lbs 4 oz (7.4kg, 78th percentile)

Height = 25 3/4 inches (0.654m, 80th percentile)

Head circumference = 17 inches (43.3cm, 79th percentile)

So still on a good track although has slowed down a bit.  Simon is showing signs of “stranger anxiety” already since he started crying when his doctor started to examine him.  His doctor said her daughter also had stranger anxiety at 4 months so it is normal and unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it at this point.  So, friends, sorry if Simon freaks out, it’s nothing against you, he’s just a baby and doesn’t understand what’s going on.

But luckily it doesn’t take too long for him to calm down.


After the visit with the doctor, we went to get his second set of vaccines.  Today is the oral rotavirus and two injections: pneumococcal and the three combo of DTAP/HIB/POL.


Simon took the oral vaccine okay.


But poor little guy started screaming as the first needle went in his little thigh.  He bled quite a lot from the first injection since he was screaming and his blood pressure was up.  Some of the blood got onto my skirt, a little bit frightening at first to see so much blood from his little leg.  But after the second injection, Ron picked him up off my lap and he stopped crying pretty much right away.


I went back to work and Ron took him home.  He fell asleep in his car seat.


and was snoring…

After I got home from work, I was exhausted and Simon was sleeping.  He ended up waking up only for a short while and I tried to nap with him on my chest while he was napping.  I ended up not being able to fall sleep for very long.  I think because I was enjoying the moment too much.  I really miss having him nap on me but in all the books you read, they say it’s a bad habit that should be avoided… but it’s such a comforting and enjoyable thing so I indulge once in a while.  When I compare his size from when he was first born to now, he hardly fits laying on my chest anymore…

We plan on starting some rice cereal soon… we’ll see how that goes!

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