Day with grandparents

Day 121

Simon’s new PJs.  Actually these are from Grandma Tam that matches his blue striped blanket.  It was too big for him at first but now it’s almost too small!  This is from before bedtime last night.


When I woke up this morning, Simon was sleeping on the sofa with daddy.  Ron tried to get him to sleep through the night but Simon wouldn’t have it and cried until he got something to eat.  So since Ron didn’t want Simon to bother me, he took him outside to the sofa to sleep the rest of the night.


Simon was going to the Ron’s parents to spend the day so they dropped me off at work on the way to their house.  So I got a little more time with him in the car.


Simon had a good time with Grandma and Grandpa Chung at their office.


After spending the day there, Ron and Simon came to pick me up from work too.  The week is almost done, only one more day of work before a three day holiday weekend!

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