51 Old Airport Rd Food Centre

Today I finally got some must needed rest and slept in until noon. In the afternoon we went to Vivocity to do some shopping and I got some more clothes from Nichii Fashion City while Ron got some khaki pants from Bossini.

Afterwards we met up some people to have dinner at a food centre on 51 Old Airport Rd. I bought this book called “The Popular Food Guide @ Singapore II” which has listings of some of the hawker centers and restaurants in Singapore, listed by different regions. So Ron thought we’d try out the one of 51 Old Airport Rd. It’s a bit out of the way but can be accessed by bus (or taxi).

I highly recommend sugarcane juice with lemon. The lemon makes the juice more refreshing and less sweet. Sometimes I can get really sick of drinking sugarcane juice because it is too sweet.

The food center has other things like carrot cake, wan tons, omlette, curry noodles, fish noodles, satay, tofu dessert, and the list goes on and on. As most people do, look for the longest queue and you’re likely to find the best food in the food center… but you have to be patient.

Take a look at what we had to eat:

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