IT Show and Bobby’s Taproom at CHIJMES

This afternoon we went to the IT Show Singapore 2008 at Suntec Convention Center. It’s a huge show with lots of consumer electronic companies show casing their goods and also selling them. It was the last day today so we thought we might find some good deals…

Unfortunately it was just a crowded mess with everyone pushing and shoving each other around. The deals weren’t that spectacular and the service in general was poor. Admission was free but I don’t understand why people bring their young children and babies, especially those who brought their strollers. It’s so crowded that you feel like a sardine and people are pushing and shoving to get from place to place. It’s especially hazardous trying to board the escalator.

We saw a few cool things like the new Mac Air notebook, the digital SLRs, and these cool mini tablet PCs maybe by Kohjinsha. But the only thing we bought was a optical mouse with retractable cord for Ron.

After making our way through the craziness, we headed to have dinner at CHIJMES, at the restaurant Bobby’s Taproom. It was a restaurant listed in The Popular Food Guide @ Singapore that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. It’s close by City Hall so we walked over there.

It was pretty empty all over CHIJMES so we didn’t have a hard time finding a table. We ordered a round of beers in a jug, unfortunately, the jugs had at least 2 inches of foam on top. I didn’t take a picture to show you but it was quite disappointing, we thought they were trying to cheat us. The first jug we ordered they didn’t top up but the 2nd one, after the foam settled at the top, they removed it and topped it up with more beer. So at least they did that for us.

We shared an appetizer of a pyramid of onion rings served with horseradish sauce.

For the entree, I ordered the rib eye medium rare with green salad and french fries. The rib eye wasn’t as marbled as I’m used to but was alright with the mushroom sauce. I always expect rib eye to much more fatty.

Ron had the pork back ribs with cole slaw and garlic mashed potatoes. This place is supposed to be famous for the meat coming off the bones. From what I tasted, it was like that. The sauce is a bit sweet for my taste, this is when I miss Tony Roma’s with their 4 types of sauce.

But boy am I stuffed now. I’m feeling a bit of food coma right now as I write this but I’m going to be better about updating on time because it’s just too hard to catch up when I’m behind. Ron is already napping but then he also has jet lag still.

Until my next post, I leave you with a photo of my babies when they were babies…

Tiramisu (aka Misu) is in the back, Mochi is in the front. One night last week, I was watching the TV show “Dirt” and one of the characters was giving away kittens, it made me cry… I really miss my kitties some days. I hope to see them again soon and that they’ll remember me.

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