A Little Bit Sick

Monday, April 7, 2014

Simon’s lunch of mini chicken tacos, carrots, strawberries, Korean pear, and a dum dum lollipop. We had a chance to drop by 99 Ranch this weekend to pick up Simon’s favorite Korean pear. He can eat a whole one by himself which is a lot of fiber and water, it’s pretty amazing he can fit a whole one into his little stomach. I only gave him about 1/3 here. Last night at dinner, they gave us dum dum lollipops so I said he could have one of them for lunch because it was too late for candy last night. I have fond memories of these lollipops as my Dad’s pharmacy used to give these out at the pharmacy counter for people who were waiting. I would raid the lollipop bag and pick out my favorite flavors.

Simon illuminated by his light table lights. He is tracing his favorite character, Skipper from Disney’s Planes.

Iris caught another cold somewhere and has had a runny nose all day. Poor girl. She’s graduated from the baby tub to the big tub but I still use the large sponge for her to sit on to be more comfortable.

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