Chuck E Cheese Birthday Fun

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Silly minions!


A busy weekend for birthdays as we headed out to Chuck E Cheese in Concord for our previous neighbor’s son’s 5th birthday party. Daddy and Simon had a good time playing the games and acting silly.

Iris had a fun time playing with the inflatable microphone and me blowing bubbles.

Iris Ready to Sing?

Iris has figured out how to use this snack cup to grab her Cheerios. She loves those toasty cereal snacks. I love them too.

Chillin’ at home.

After going out to dinner with Grandpa Tam, Iris totally konked out on the car ride home. She usually wakes when you move her from car seat to your arms but she stayed completely asleep this time. When she’s asleep, she seems heavier but still oh so sweet.

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