A walk in Union Square

April 2, 2011

Poor guy has still just been eating bread and drinking milk. We tried some yogurt but he wasn’t really into it. Unfortunately something did not sit right with his stomach this morning and he vomited all over himself as we were going to head out for a walk. So our walk was postponed even though Simon didn’t seem to mind that he just lost all his breakfast. He minded having to be bathed afterward.

Eventually we did go out for some fresh air and ended up at Westfield Shopping Center and having a snack underneath the dome. I bought a strawberry yogurt to see if Simon would like it more so that we could get some probiotics into his little tummy. He ate a few more bites but was more interested in eating his little crackers and people watching.

We went home to let him (and me) have a nap before heading out to Union Square with daddy Ron.

It was a beautiful day that we did not want to go to waste so we let him wander around Union Square. At first, he wouldn’t walk more than 2 feet away from us but then he got more adventurous and started wandering off farther and to check out other kids. He can be a busy-body and gets so caught up in where he is going, he doesn’t watch out to see who is in his way and ends up running into them. Ron went to chase him down and see if Simon would come towards him. Simon ended up just looking up and kept going along his own merry way.

More bananas and bread for dinner.

Simon saw me eating cucumbers and hummus and kept on pointing to my cucumber so I let him try to bite it. He is able to bite off a piece and use his front teeth to “chew”. He managed to eat the insides of the cucumber but spit out the hard outer shell.

Although the doctor recommended no raw food, I figure this was fresh and washed plus a good source of water. He didn’t eat too much but at least he still has a pretty good appetite.

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