Super Simon, Cheers!, Climbing Simon, Simon Sick

April 3 through 8, 2011

Morning bread and milk (4/3/11)

Super Simon! Ready to tackle the day (4/3/11)

Wasabi poke bowl from Pacific Catch in the Marina. Lunch with friends. (4/3/11)

Pooped out Super Simon (4/3/11)

Simon playing with his fire engine (4/4/11)

Simon sporting his new long sleeved T-shirt with sewn on tie (4/5/11)

The BRAT diet seems to be working. I’m glad it wasn’t lactose intolerance. Simon loves his milk… with a little bread stuck up his nose (4/5/11)

Mommy’s lunch of a NorCal burrito, made with french fries! It was way too much, never again.

Simon watching Sesame Street. Look at that happy face! (4/5/11)

Simon learned how to raise his glass and what to do when you say “Cheers!” (4/5/11)

Simon has learned to climb on our small couch inside his playroom. When he sees us sitting there, he wants to sit with us too. (4/6/11)

He tries to get his knee on the couch (4/6/11)

Then cries when he knee slips off (4/6/11)

But he perseveres and gets himself up (4/6/11)

My free lunch today from management from Da’ Pitt BBQ. Brisket smothered in medium BBQ sauce and a side of mac and cheese. The brisket was tender but pretty fatty. The BBQ sauce was sweet but spicy and vinegary, I kept on wanting to eat it but it got too spicy. The mac and cheese was hard and kind of gross, maybe because it was cold since our order came really late. It was a large portion of meat and pretty smokey, I had half to bring home for Ron for dinner. (4/7/11)

Simon trying out a spoon to eat with… not really, he’s really just playing with the spoon and bowl. Now that he is over his stomach bug, now he has a runny nose and cough so isn’t sleeping well at night. I hope I don’t catch what he has as I’ve already been not feeling very well this week myself. I’m starting to finally feel back to normal and I hope it stays that way! (4/7/11)

Little Simon stayed home with Ron today instead of going to daycare. His nose was running like a drain this morning and he kept on coughing so it was best not to expose him to the other kids again. There are some babies now at his daycare so he’s no longer the youngest. Simon was all exhausted and fell asleep on this comforter and Ron covered him with a blanket. His eyes popped open as Ron took the picture (4/8/11)

His little nose is all red and his cheeks are chapped from all the moisture. He used 3 bibs at daycare yesterday and is on his 4th one tonight. What makes little kids’ snot so yellow and thick in the morning yet so clear and watery during the day? and why do little kids hate having their nose wiped? Sigh, I hope this means he’s building up a strong immune system! At least he’s not feverish and he’s still eating and drinking normally… get well soon my baby!

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