Our friends Shizuka & Hiro and their son Sean were visiting SF so we went to have dinner with them. Shizuka suggested this restaurant called Alive! located in the Marina, described as raw vegan cuisine.

It’s a small restaurant with seating for about 20 people total.

Considering this may be the only opportunity that we’d eat here, we decided to try multiple things on the menu.

This it the potato leek soup with black miso which is served cooked and warm. It’s a comforting vegetable soup.

They also have quite a collection of teas, served in these cute cups with lids. I tried the lemon ginger herbal tea. It had a nice tartness and spiciness.

The flaxseed flatbread with cashew cream, tomatoes, and avocado. Loved the cashew cream and avocadoes.

Spicy red curry avocado wrap. A bit difficult to eat but kind of like sushi. If you like things on the spicier side then this is for you.

These were their raviolis made with turnips. It was like a very filling salad.

I had the sunflower seed burger with avocadoes. The sunflower seed burger and toppings were really good but the bread-like item on the bottom was really hard to cut and eat.

We ordered four desserts and they were kind enough to cut some of them in half so we could share between couples. This is the apple pie which is uncooked so a bit crunchy and tasted similar to a crumble.

Asian pear torte.

Candy Cap Mushroom Cheesecake with berry sauce. The mushroom gives it a different flavor (described as kind of maple-like) and the berry sauce was quite tart.

We also tried the chocolate banana torte which I didn’t get to photograph.

Overall, it was an interesting experience but I’m not sure if we’d go back again unless we were specifically looking for a vegetarian restaurant. It was good to catch up with our friends as they were visiting from Japan and it was the first time we got to meet their son. I hope we can visit Japan again soon and our kids can meet 😀

1972 Lombard Street

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