California Academy of Sciences

I went for my second visit to the California Academy of Sciences today. My first visit was in July, you can read about it here. This time I took Vicki as my guest as she had not visited before.

We went to the rainforest exhibit first, I missed it on my first visit. Be prepared for warm temperatures and humidity. Kind of reminded me of Singapore. There were a lot of birds darting around and butterflies all over. I saw this bird’s nest on a tree with the bird hiding inside.

I was surprised at how the butterflies really didn’t care that we were walking around their home. I even saw a few land on people.

I guess it must be common they land on people as there is this sign as your wait for the elevator.

I didn’t take that many pictures this time around. We also went to see the new planetarium show about stars, narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, and some of the other exhibits before it started getting busy and we started getting hungry.

There are still a few exhibits that I haven’t checked out, like the Bugs, so I’ll be sure to go back.

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