All dressed up and somewhere to go

Day 222

The wedding was this morning at 9:30am so Simon was still a bit groggy. He’s looking at me like he wants to go back to bed.
What do you think of his tie?

The setting for the wedding was a garden terrace.

His full outfit of a white polo, black tie, and khaki shorts.

It was a pretty warm morning so they had water for the guests. Simon kept on grabbing at my cup so I let him try to drink from it. Not sure if it was actually successful but at least he is interested.

After the ceremony, we headed to the reception and Simon got even more dressy, his tuxedo bib.

But all the excitement and the warm day made Simon really sleepy.

A refreshing sorbet dessert.

Simon is really knocked out.

As he shifted, his mouth stayed open.

Ron found Simon’s sleeping position strange.

The reception was lunch so we met up with other friends for dinner at Mr. Pizza in Los Angeles.

Ron let Simon play with his spoon… maybe he wants to try to feed himself but he may still be a bit young for that.

One of their signature pizza. It sort of tastes like breakfast with the bacon on top then dessert when you get to the crust. The crust is stuffed with sweet potato mash so is sweet and savory at the same time. It was delicious!

Side profile.

Then we went for dessert a few blocks away at a place called Yellow House Cafe. You walk through this stationary store before you reach the chairs and tables in the patio in the back. It’s great atmosphere with fire pits and heat lamps in the outdoor seating area but people do smoke outside which isn’t good for babies. We decided to stay anyways so I ordered a sweet potato latte. No coffee in it I think since it didn’t wake me up.

Everyone else’s dessert: traditional shaved ice, mango smoothie, sweet potato latte, and pineapple sorbet served in a mini pineapple.

The mini pineapple was really cute.

Simon knocked out again for the evening.

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