First airplane trip and first dental exam

Day 221

We are in Southern California for a wedding this weekend. Simon took his first airplane ride and this is his first boarding pass (looks like he wants to eat it). We had to stop at the check-in counter to show them Simon’s passport to get his boarding pass and also to check-in a piece of luggage since now we also have to bring all of Simon’s stuff along with our own.

Simon was still wearing his pajamas on the airplane since we figured he would be more comfortable and honestly we just did not have time to change him since he was still napping this morning when we headed to the airport. He is checking out the view out the window. We are sitting near the wing and engine.

Shortly after, Simon fell asleep with his pal Pooh looking over him. Our flight was scheduled around his normal morning naptime so this worked out well.

When we landed at LAX, we picked up our rental car and headed to Simi Valley to see our friends Tiffany and Alex. They prepared an excellent BBQ lunch along with all the fixings.

After our lunch, we headed to check out the dental office that Tiffany works at. While we were there, she showed Simon how to brush his teeth. We were surprised when Simon started laughing out loud during the demonstration. Something about the “chomping” teeth tickled his funny bone.

They had multiple versions of these plush with teeth and Simon liked all of them. Here he is with a chomping fish.

Still laughing at the chomping fish…

Then down to business with the dental exam and first teeth brushing. Yes he only has two little bottom teeth but it’s better to start earlier than later.

After his exam, he still had energy for more laughter. A chomping horse.

Thank you Auntie Tiffany for giving Simon his first dental exam. I hope you guys can move closer to the bay area so that Simon can continue to get his checkups with you.

After the dentist, we drove to San Gabriel to check-in to our hotel and to meet up with friends for dinner. We ended up at a vegetarian restaurant for dinner. Can you believe this platter is completely meat-less?

We also had dessert at a nearby tea cafe. This is taro soup with taro rice balls and red beans.

Ron had the mocha ice blend. Served in this cute mini pitcher with a bit too much whipped cream.

Simon had a long day and was exhausted. He fell asleep pretty easily and even in this foreign bed provided by the hotel.

Tomorrow is the big wedding day!

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  1. tiff

    haha i still get a kick out of watching simon giggle at the chomping puppets~ =D cute! it was great seeing you guys! we loved having you over~ =D

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