Am I handsome?

Day 115

I finally had a chance to do Simon’s laundry so now he has a lot of new outfits.  He has almost outgrown his under 3 month size clothes so I thought I’d cycle in some more 3-6 month and 6-12 month size outfits.  It’s a good thing he has a lot of outfits since we don’t do laundry that often since we don’t have our own washer and dryer.

This is a gift from one of my relatives.  I love the built-in long sleeves as I’m always afraid his arms get too cold.  If he’s wearing short sleeves too long, his skin feels really cold to the touch.  The outfit is matched with Trumpette monkey socks.


Another reason I love the long sleeves is that it is easier for us to go take our evening walks.  Since it is cooler in the evenings, I usually put on a sweater for him but since I carry him in the Baby Bjorn, he gets hot easily so with the long sleeve outfits, no sweater needed so he is more comfortable.  I got him this hat on sale at Janie & Jack for only $5.99 (original price $25!) and it happens to match the color of his outfit.  I love matching things, I know it is kind of dorky but… if you know me, I’m sort of a dork, you should see my outfits!  He also has a whole new set of bibs that say things like: Lil’ Dude, Flirt, etc… including Handsome!


When we were out for a walk, there were too ladies who came up to me and said: Yes, he is handsome!  Then proceeded to touch his little hands…. now, what do you say to someone (nicely) to keep their hands to themselves?  Lately with the rise in whooping cough in California, it’s making me a little bit afraid that he could catch it but he is getting his next set of vaccines next week so at least that will offer a bit more protection.  I just spent the rest of our walk keeping his hands out of his mouth (he was sucking on his pacifier and then briefly fell asleep) and washed his hands when we got home.  I hope with going back to work that I won’t bring back germs that may get Simon sick.

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