Standing Up and Watching Television

Day 114

Simon has such a sweet smile, I love it!


Although, doesn’t it look like he is plotting something?

Ron decided to test Simon’s leg muscles for standing up so propped him against the couch and he was able to stay up for a bit by leaning back.


Unfortunately he got a little unstable and fell over to the side.  He probably cried out because his poor little foot was twisted and he couldn’t move it or get back up.


So to reward him, Ron let Simon watch a little bit of television.  Simon can’t get enough television, he likes to watch it no matter what is on.  It must be the flashing lights and the sounds all in one.  He always turns his head toward the television no matter where we are in the room.  The only time he won’t watch it is when he is fussy.  Ron recorded a video of his excitement of watching television:

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