Aqua-Gym in the Rain

Well I think I may have caught some sort of cold and so has Ron. We both have itchy throats and been coughing a little bit. No fever or malaise or anything, just itchy throats. Hmm… hopefully it’ll pass. It just started this morning.

This morning it was raining pretty hard, Ron walked to school in the rain and got pretty soaked without an umbrella. At 9:30, I debated to check out if there was still Aqua-Gym so went downstairs around 9:25 but didn’t see anyone. I SMS’d a couple of the other partners to see if they knew if there was class but I decided to go back upstairs to wait. I got an SMS back saying there was class so rushed back down.

Working out in the rain is the best! Ha ha just kidding, not the best but the water was pretty warm so it was nice to be in the pool rather than the rain. At least when it rains here, it’s not cold at the same time.

And no, I don’t think I got sick from doing aerobics in the pool, my throat was already starting to itch before that.

Later that afternoon I headed to Orchard Rd with Gladys (one of the partners) to do some shopping and I went to pick up Ron’s watch. He had broken the crystal face sometime back and there was a Seiko service center near Orchard, I dropped it off last week so it was ready to pick up today.

Afterwards we did a little shopping, I was in search of some black closed toe work shoes and Gladys was in search of some hair care products… and shoes 🙂 Apparently I’m always a bad influence and convince people to buy things… I bought 2 pairs of shoes and 1 top, Gladys bought 2 tops and 1 pair of shoes 🙂

The shoes were on sale and such a good deal! Regular price of each pair was S$39.90 but on sale for S$27.90, which is about USD$18. Both are for work and closed toed but I was so tempted to buy sandals as they were so cute and much cheaper ranging from S$16-21 a pair. Oh well, I have to limit myself a little bit, can’t go crazy buying all these shoes but these are the two I bought:

I like the buckle because it’s not really a buckle but a clip and also the pattern around the shoe.

What do you think of the interesting heel?

So now I have more appropriate work shoes although I did bring a few pairs of flats, I needed (and missed) my heels! The store is called Charles and Keith, which I keep mixing up with CharlesDavid. The store in the WismaAtria shopping center is always packed and it’s a bit overwhelming with so many pairs of shoes. The staff there is pretty helpful there and it’s funny, the don’t call out your name when they bring out a pair of shoes, rather they call out your shoe size 😛

Oh, I forgot to mention this cool store called MUJI! It’s a Japan based store where they sell things like furniture, clothing, stationary, cooking supplies, and foods. They have yummy looking snacks and I restricted myself to one for now: chardonnay marshmallows! Very yummy I must say 🙂 I can’t wait to go back and explore more, it’s a small store but there seems to be so much to look at.

So many things seem so inexpensive here in Singapore but it’s easy to get carried away. I can’t wait to start work so that I won’t feel so guilty buying all these things!

1 thought on “Aqua-Gym in the Rain

  1. tiff

    hiya jen & ron!

    i love reading about all your adventures through your blog! in fact i should be getting ready for school right now but can’t seem to peel myself away from my laptop~ =P

    the food looks amazing in sg! and i’m so proud of you two adapting to your new home so quickly!

    gosh jen, i’m completely jealous of the incredible shoe deals you found! both the black & the white pairs are really cute!! are you serious that they’re only $18 each??? they look high quality too~ damn…that alone warrants a trip to singapore…too bad you and ron will be in france in april otherwise alex & i would come visit you~

    keep blogging! i’m thoroughly entertained! =D


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