Carrefour and Sushi

Today was a lazy Sunday. We had a home cooked breakfast and then decided to go grocery shopping during the afternoon and Carrefour at the Suntec City location. I heard it was closer and bigger. I needed to buy some weights too for Aqua-Gym.

We’d been going to Cold Storage and Giant Hypermarket since they were closer. After going to Carrefour, I don’t know if I can go back to those other too. The produce just looked so much fresher and for a better price. Ron, Justine, and I spent an hour or so wandering around the product and deli sections of the store and almost filled the shopping cart… but we knew our fridge at home was pretty full so we had to restrain ourselves.

Justine and I shared some salmon sashimi, unagi nigiri, and salmon and hamachi nigiri for dinner. Mmm, it was yummy!

Ron went out for another birthday party at a Brazilian Churrascaria by Mamma Lucia which was an all you can eat Brazilian BBQ restaurant. I decided not to go because it was S$38 per person and I didn’t think I could eat that much meat.

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