Arrival in Maui, Hawaii

I know it’s a bit weird to go on vacation so soon after coming back from Singapore but we planned this vacation last year. Since it was such a crazy time during the first week before I started work, I think it’ll be good just to lay on a beach chair and relax.

The flight was relatively smooth and we arrived in Maui around 11:30am. We picked up our rental car and went to find a place to eat. We asked the Alamo rental car employee for a suggestions and she recommended a place closeby. So we begin our journey.

From 09-11-2008 Arrival in Maui

We got a bit lost but finally found “Da Kitchen“.

From 09-11-2008 Arrival in Maui

Ron and I were looking forward to having a good Hawaiian lunch.

From 09-11-2008 Arrival in Maui

We tried the specials on their blackboard. We had the Combo #4 which as rice with salad or mac (I chose the mac) and pulled pork, hamburger with onions, teriyaki chicken, and spam.

From 09-11-2008 Arrival in Maui

We also had the fresh ahi poke.

From 09-11-2008 Arrival in Maui

Ron and I were so stuffed! The place was pretty busy too, lots of people ordering take-out and people were waiting outside. We got there just before 12 so just beat the lunchtime crowd. We also had free-flow iced coffee and tropical iced tea so lunch was about $20 for both of us. We left very satisfied but also very sleepy with food coma.

We went to check-in at our hotel for a nap. We’re staying at the Maui Seaside Hotel tonight before checking into the Marriott Maui Ocean Club tomorrow.

It’s been a nice lazy day.

Da Kitchen Cafe
Triangle Square
425 Koloa St. #104
Kahului, HI 96732

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