Spices II on 6th Avene & Clement

Today I went to go get my dad’s iPhone screen fixed. He has cracked the screen a few times so that the “touch” no longer works. I made an appointment with an Apple store “genius” to see if they could replace it. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to see how it was done… instead, they just give you a new phone! If the phone is no longer under warranty, it costs $200+ to replace the phone but I guess it’s cheaper than buying a completely new phone off-contract.

Afterwards, Ron and I went to find somewhere to eat. Although we live around lots of difference restaurants, we always have trouble choosing a place. We ended up on Clement St. and decided to try Spices II on 6th Avenue. Our friends had mentioned this place before and said it was good so we thought we’d check it out.

We ordered the Numbing Spicy Cucumbers. I’ve been looking for a place that serves this type of cucumbers the way I like them (my favorite place is Sho Mi in Stockton, CA). This was almost what I wanted except that the cucumbers were a bit soft but the spice was good.

From 09-09-2008 Spices II on Clement Ave

Numbing Spicy Mandarin Noodle (I think). The egg noodles were chewy and the sauce not all that spicy but was an okay dish.

From 09-09-2008 Spices II on Clement Ave

Stir fried potato strips. Ron mistakenly ate the green pepper thinking it was a bell pepper and he almost choked! It was spicy. The dish was a bit weird though, sort of like stir fried hash browns instead of fried. The spice numbed your tongue and lips for a while but then suddenly goes away.

From 09-09-2008 Spices II on Clement Ave

Three spiced chicken. We saw the table near us having this dish and were wondering what it was because it looked good. By chance we ordered the three spiced chicken and it turned out to be the same dish. The chicken was really crispy and it was filled with hot peppers and was very yummy.

From 09-09-2008 Spices II on Clement Ave

Needless to say, we were stuffed. We didn’t realize how big the portions were so we ordered way too much so we have leftovers for the next day. Surprisingly, the spice wasn’t overpowering and it disappeared pretty quickly after we stopped eating.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad that this place is close to where we live. I predict we may be visiting this place more often to try other dishes.

Spices II
291 6th Avenue & Clement
San Francisco, CA

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