Attempting to update

I’ve been a really bad blogger lately… it’s been more than 3 weeks since my last post.

We have returned safely back to Singapore and Ron has already started school and I am back to work. I have not been able to update. The thought of updating about the remainder of our vacation has been quite overwhelming… but I’ve finally got the photos uploaded and ready to write… so I hope to get to it soon. I keep this blog going for our friends and family to keep track of us… but also it has the added benefit to help me so I don’t forget. I’m realizing that my memory is getting worse and worse as I get older, I used to be the one to remember everything (ie, events, birthdays, etc) for Ron and I but now it’s easier for me to get things mixed up. Sigh… sign of old age.

Anyhow, I’ll start with one post first, go back to December 24th, Christmas Eve.

Happy viewing!

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