NYDC and the Coffee Club

I had to work yesterday which was okay but I still didn’t really feel like doing anything once I got home. I ended up watching Jewel in the Palace until 2am…

Then today I completed the the series. I watched almost 20 hours worth of TV. But if you’ve seen the show, you know how addicting it is…

But I still managed to get out of the house. Ron and I had dinner with a few friends in Holland V at NYDC, a pizza and cheescake place. The pizza was pretty good but the pasta was not. The cheesecake looked really good but was quite expensive so instead we headed to The Coffee Club to have dessert. I didn’t bring my camera so unfortunately had to use my camera phone to take pictures of the dessert.

They had this fabulous mud pie with an oreo cookie crust and oreo cookie crumbles plus two layers of ice cream.

I tried their almond latte which was only okay.

I’d definitely recommend the mud pie and look forward to going back to try their fruit tiramisu (which Ron wouldn’t let me order).

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