Baby Concentration

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Simon’s lunch today of mini corn dogs, fries, cucumbers, carrots, pears, and a clementine. He loves these mini corn dogs but not the big ones. Probably because these are more his size.


Simon likes drinking lemonade now (the cup next to his foot). He went to Costco with Ron today and got the hot dog and drink combo. He used to hate it because he thought it too sour. But now he gets it as a special treat sometimes as long as it is sugar free or light.


It’s amazing what little thing babies can become fixated on. Tonight, Iris removed this cushion we were using to cover the back of her high chair. It’s part of Simon’s car seat that he no longer needs. Iris was really interested in the white label that was sewn on it. She kept on touching it, scratching it, pinching it, etc for at least 30 minutes.

Just a curious little girl.


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