Thanksgiving 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A day of indulgence, rest, and to be thankful for all the wonderful people in our lives.

We had a quiet morning at home before heading out to lunch at Tomi Sushi and Seafood Buffet in Concord. When we were there for Iris’ Red Egg party, we didn’t get to eat much so I was excited to try it again. There were way too many types of sushi rolls but I’m glad they were small pieces.

Simon tried a hand roll and surprisingly liked it.

Iris tried papaya for the first time but wasn’t that excited about it even though it was pretty sweet. It was a delicious treat by our nanny Annie and with full tummies, we had a nap before going into my parents’ house.

We just hung out and watched TV before dinner. Iris took a little time to warm up but was a happy baby overall.


Simon contently played with his new school bus from Grandma Tam and wore his new beanie.

Our delicious meal included prime rib, creamy lobster, turkey with stuffing, salad, sticky rice, and brussels sprouts with pancetta.

Yummy tiramisu for dessert.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends in my life. I probably don’t say it enough but “Thank you! Thank you!” It really means a lot to me to have such a great support system.

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