Back to San Francisco

March 19, 2011

Simon seemed like he really wanted to go home. He wanted to push the luggage out all by himself…

We had breakfast with Peai Tean, Ray, and Reuben then packed and headed to the airport.

We had a stopover in Taipei first so had a bite to eat.

I had a latte, Ron had a papaya milk, and Simon got a free glass of milk.

Simon slept really well from SIN to TPE and slept really well again from TPE to SFO. There was a kid screaming most of the flight but it didn’t seem to bother Simon (although it bothered everyone else). Our flight was really full so we had someone sit next to us this time. She said she was actually glad she sat next to us because Simon was so good. When we arrived in SF, he still looked a bit tired with his baggy eyes.

We are home!

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