Swimming in Singapore

March 18, 2011

We went to visit Joyce at work since I also didn’t get to see her last night. We only caught up for a few minutes but hope to see her in SF soon. Too bad Simon was sleeping. Thank you Joyce for this photo, I also borrowed this photo from her Facebook.

We ended up at Chinatown for lunch.

Chicken murtabak.

More delicious laksa.

After lunch, we went back to our friends’ place to spend a little time in the pool.

Reuben seems to enjoy being in the water a lot. Simon was probably a little tired and wanted a nap.

He had a nap right after we got back from the pool.

Then we met up with Ron’s INSEAD classmates for a classic “Friday Foodie” at Jumbo Seafood at Riverwalk.

Delicious prawns.

Singaporean chili crab, the real deal!

Complete with fried buns.

Yum yum! Ready to eat!

Photo opportunity with Jackson before he leaves.

Just finished and ready to go. Wouter took this photo because he didn’t want to be in it.

Then we went to Clark Quay to have a beer with Wouter and meet up with Clarence.

I love taking pictures of Simon sleeping. He always has such interesting positions.

Our last day in Singapore, we leave tomorrow afternoon.

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