Bali – Day 2

Such a short weekend in Bali… I don’t want to go back to Singapore… sigh…

We had breakfast cooked for us in our villa, had a swim in the pool, before heading out for the day. We again went walking around shopping for a bit before heading for another spa treatment. We booked a 3 hour treatment at Aya Spa for 60USD which included a foot bath, massage, facial, and milk flower bath. It was lovely. The treatments were given outside in a private patio like enclosure. The area was enclosed with high walls and the massage beds were underneath a thatch roof and there was also a small whirlpool and shower.

Afterwards we were to head to the beach for a sunset dinner so while waiting for the transportation from the restaurant, I had a manicure and Ron had a pedicure! He he…

The dinner at the beach was beautiful… a truly unique experience to have dinner on the beach watching the sunset. Unfortunately it was a bit gloomy so we missed the sun setting on the horizon, it disappeared behind the clouds instead.

It’s sometimes nice to take a vacation just for the sake of relaxing, no stress about sightseeing, just to worry about being pampered.

For more pictures, see here or the slideshow below:

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