Weekend in Bali – Day 1

Ron and I caught an early morning flight on Lion Air, a low-cost airline based in Indonesia, to Denpasar (Bali). We booked through a travel agent but I read about the airline in the newspaper and I’m glad I did because the cost was about 1/2 compared to Singapore Airlines to Bali.

Ron became an instant millionaire when we exchanged money at the airport (1 SGD = 6800 IDR).

We stayed at Kozy Villas while in Bali. We had our own private pool which was pretty cool.

We took a short nap then took our villa’s free transport to Kuta beach to do some walking and grab lunch. We shopped a bit before heading to a place to get a massage. We ended up at a place called Well Being Spa where we actually had to bargain with the people to get a reasonable price for the massage. The massage was okay but wasn’t that impressive. The lady who was giving me a massage also stepped out for 10 minutes to go to the restroom and when she came back, she didn’t extend my massage so those 10 minutes were lost. A bit inconsiderate I think. I guess that’s what we get for just picking a random spa without reading reviews or taking recommendations.

We went back to the villa after doing a bit more shopping and had room service at our villa. A chef from the restaurant Fabio’s with two servers actually came to our villa and cooked for us in our private dining room. It was a quite nice experience and the food was quite good. My favorite was the pan fried shrimp.

Please see more photos here or see the slideshow below.

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