Bath Babysitter

Friday, January 3, 2014

So Simon got this Lightning McQueen bed tent from Uncle William for Christmas.

Where is Simon?

So what do you do when you need to take a shower, the baby is awake, and no one else is awake to watch him/her? This morning I decided to put Iris in her baby bathtub with some toys to entertain her. Worked pretty well this morning just so I could take a quick shower. Bath Babysitter!

Mommy and Iris sharing a hug while Daddy is running around in the kitchen making dinner.

Happy brother Simon.

Iris trying on big brother’s hat.

Next time I may try a laundry basket instead of the baby bathtub. She seems pretty comfortable here.

Simon is really starting to show his artistic side. He drew this picture all by himself. It’s a trailer truck, smiling, with a smoke stack, and he drew lines to “connect” the wheels to the truck. I love his drawings. It is an ice cream truck. Later one he even wrote “ICE CREAM” too.

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