Writing Chinese

Thursday, January 2, 2014

“Aha! I’ve got Ziggy!” says Iris.

Simon holding on tightly to Ziggy again.

Innocent little girl.

Daddy and Simon playing telephone. Mini Hello Kitty cups are from GM and GP Chung from their last international flight where they flew on the Hello Kitty airplane! I think these tiny cups must have been water cups.

Today Simon learned how to trace his Chinese name using this Crayola dry erase board. You can put a sheet behind the plastic and draw on the plastic screen. So I think we can use this to help him improve his writing and he really seems to enjoy writing and drawing nowadays.

Before he did his Chinese name tracing, he was drawing with Daddy. Here are the cars he drew with wheels, doors, and windows. Looks like he also drew some buses and tried to write some more Chinese words.

Every day, our kids do something that amaze me…

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