Berkeley Rose Garden and Ici

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Super happy baby!

Relaxing at home.

Iris did not take her morning nap so was a little bit tired during lunchtime. I caught her falling asleep while eating. She was more obvious the first time she did it but I caught this video on the second time as she is almost dozing off. But after she finished lunch, she still did not want to nap.

The weather was a bit questionable today… would it rain or not? We ventured out to the Rose Gardens park in the late afternoon since it didn’t look like it was going to rain even though it felt like it was going to. We parked on Euclid, walked down a path to the underground tunnel.

Iris had a short nap before waking up to swing a little. She’s always so happy in the swing.

Ron and Simon went on the concrete slide they had in the park. You use cardboard to help you slide down and can go pretty fast. Simon was a little hesitant at first and probably scared himself a few times with the speed but still continued to go up and down. He was ready to relax and head out in his new wagon from Grandpa and Grandma Tam.

We stopped by Ici for an ice cream treat. We had a little bit of a wait, maybe 20-30 minutes.
Flavors of the day:

Simon got chocolate (of course!).

I tried the coconut passion fruit and candied meyer lemon. Iris was curious to try some but made a sour face when she did try it. She ended up sharing the cone with me.

A nice relaxing day is just what I needed after the stressful rainy party weekend last week.

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