Swim Lessons and Berkeley Tourist

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy morning kiddos! Iris loves her blueberries and Simon loves his cars.

Simon had his first swim lesson this morning. He was a bit hesitant as we were waiting and was saying “I’m not sure if I can do this” and it was partially my fault for getting there too early and having him think about it too long. But once he saw the other kids his age, he happily got into the water and did a really great job. He enjoyed dunking his head, listened to the instructor, and he even swam a few feet by himself from the teacher’s arms to the wall. Parents had to watch from the outside so the pictures are a little blurry.

After swimming, we went to meet our friends for lunch. My pharmacy school friend Will was visiting from southern California and he went to UC Berkeley so we all played tourist for the day. We had lunch at Pedros Brazil Cafe for lunch. We went to the actual restaurant and not the little corner shack. They have a nice patio in the back, delicious mango smoothies, delicious marinated tri tip, and delicious garlic cilantro sauce. So tasty! We are definitely coming back here again. We had a mini pharmacy school reunion with our friends Jen and Phil and their kids too.

After lunch, we went to Purple Kow since it is Phil’s favorite boba place. I wasn’t that impressed by it the first time I went but tried the “D3” on his recommendation: ice milk with pudding, caramel, and pearls with 50% sugar. I still love my Sweetheart Cafe in Oakland Chinatown.

Our pharmacy school friends Helen and Linda came to join us later on Berkeley campus next to VLSB. Us girls with the kiddos.

I think we are all glad to be done with pharmacy school but are glad that we went or else we wouldn’t have become friends.

After a full day, Simon was pretty exhausted at the end of it. He tried resting in Iris’ car seat but it wasn’t really comfortable.

Tomorrow we “spring forward”!

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