Biking at Berkeley Marina

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

We are now all sick, including our nanny. We skipped swim lessons this morning and took it easy at home. But decided we’d better get out of the house for some fresh air but not expose ourselves to others. We packed to bikes in the minivan and headed to Berkeley Marina. 

Iris loves wearing her helmet. 

Simon enjoys bike rides too. He is upset it that his bike was not yet attached to the back of Ron’s bike. 

We rode around for about 30 minutes before lunch. We saw a drone filming, a dragon boat being worked on, a wedding ceremony setup, and enjoyed the fresh air (and surprisingly warm day)!

I’m still practicing with Iris riding in the front so didn’t feel steady enough to take pictures of Ron and Simon while I was in motion. 

We went for lunch then a short visit to the Berkeley Humane Society to see the cats. We are not looking to get a cat but I just wanted to see them and I knew that Iris and Simon would both enjoy it too. Iris strolling down the sidewalk. 

Playing around with a photo editing app, can you tell what is bigger than normal in this photo?

You can “enhance” target areas to make your selfies special. In this case, I made Simon’s eyes even bigger than normal and his thumb. He was showing Iris how to make a “thumbs up!” but she is not able to coordinate it yet. 

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