Breakfast at IHOP

Sunday, March 15, 2015

We are all finally feeling a bit more normal. Lingering cough but not so terrible. Ron thought it a good idea to take the kids in their PJs (and jackets) to IHOP for breakfast. Iris hasn’t had much of an appetite at home so thought a change of scenery might help. 

She ate a bit of eggs, a bit of pancake, a bit of whipped cream, and drank some milk. A bit of a fail with eating but she was super happy to be out and about. 

Since everyone had more energy today, Ron decided to do some work on the house so we went to Home Depot. Simon helped to move some 2 x 4s to the cart. 

While Ron was doing work, I took it easy with the kids. Iris played with playdoh for the first time and loved it!

Then played dress up. What would you call this look with beanie and pink pearls?

Then we played with the tunnel and a tent. Both kids were screaming with laughter that they couldn’t play too long since they were getting over stimulated and fighting with each other (plus both were probably a little tired).

We ordered in Chinese food delivery and Iris got to use her chopsticks successfully for the first time.

She only ate rice, which is pretty hard to pick up, but eating something is better than nothing. 

Hope to feel back to normal after a good night’s rest!

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