Birthday Celebration

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy happy birthday to our wonderful hubby and daddy Ron! We love you!

Morning goodbyes with Iris.


Simon made this during school today. Ron took Simon to school this morning and he still cried like usual but was his cheerful self in aftercare and happily showed me what he made today.

To celebrate Ron’s birthday, we went out to eat at BUILD pizzeria in downtown Berkeley. It was our first dinner out since moving to Berkeley. The restaurant lets you pick your sauce and toppings then fires up your pizza in 3 minutes! Super fast and the pizza had a nice chewy yet crunchy crust. Delicious especially with the fresh ingredients.

We also shared the fries and calamari. The fries came with a blue cheese dipping sauce and the calamari with an aioli.


After dinner, Iris enjoyed playing with the little metal pail that the appetizers came in. She was grabbing at it, tossing it around, and attempting to put it into her mouth (and she did get it in once!). Guess she might need some new toys.

Birthday cake for Daddy Ron.

When we got home, there was a beautiful edible arrangement from my parents to Ron. Simon really wanted to play with the balloon by “boxing” with it.

Simon and Iris played together.

Looking forward to digging in to the fruit tomorrow. Thanks mom & dad.

One more happy birthday to Ron: Happy happy birthday!

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