Forgetting Essential Supplies

Monday, October 7, 2013

Moving is no picnic and unpacking is definitely no fun either. But little kids don’t have a care in the world so are always smiley, as they should be.

Simon trying on a pair of slippers.

Morning Iris.

Today when I took Simon to school, one of the administrators showed me some pictures she took during their picture day. She told me that Simon had a really good time and was so happy. She assured me that he is only really sad in the morning when I leave but is fine during the day so not to worry. He does look so happy in the picture. I’m looking forward to getting his first school photo.

So today, I unfortunately forgot essential pieces of my pump so had to go home to retrieve it. I probably only left it at home because of the mess of unpacking but it’s good that we live closer so that I *can* go home to get it. The best thing about rushing home in the middle of the day is seeing Iris’ happy face.

Although not very ladylike, Iris really likes grabbing her toes and lifting her legs. Good exercise too.

We’ve unpacked a good amount of boxes but there’s still plenty more to do.

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