Blowing bubbles

Day 72

Now Simon likes to blow bubbles with his saliva.  It’s kind of cute although sometimes he drools.  I always thought the drooling started with teething but I guess I was wrong.


More tummy time and another outfit change.  Simon’s schedule must be a bit out of sorts since he has been pooping at different times than normal and more frequently which required multiple outfit changes today since it leaked.  We recently changed to back to Pampers (from Huggies) which have been better for his sensitive skin (he hasn’t had any diaper rash since we switched) but seem to be a bit easier to leak through if not properly secured.  Not sure what we’re going to do when this box of diapers runs out.  Keep Pampers or back to Huggies?


Also, now we have a new issue.  During our vacation and since our return home, Simon has been very fussy with feedings.  He refuses to breastfeed unless I trick him first by giving him a pacifier or bottle then remove it and put him to my breast.  Most of the time the trick works the first time but there are times when I have to try a few times or let him drink about 10ml from the bottle first.  He can get really upset and fussy.  I called the Kaiser SF Lactation Center again and they advised me that it probably is just a phase since when we were on vacation, we fed him with the bottle so he was out of practice.  She said breastfeeding is a skill and he probably is just out of practice.  So now it’s back to full time breastfeeding until he gets back into the habit.  I have read that breastfeeding could be difficult but didn’t realize how difficult until I’ve experienced it.

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