Skechers Shape-ups and Sushi Rika

Day 73

This afternoon I went for a walk with Simon in my new Skechers Shape-ups.  I’m not sure if the shoes are just a gimmick but I figured it doesn’t hurt to try them out.  The only thing is probably hurts is your wallet as the shoes are about $100.  I took a break in Union Square before heading home and once I got up I could feel a little soreness in my calves and thighs so perhaps they really are doing something.  It’s an interesting feeling walking with these shoes, it’s a bit awkward at first since it is kind of sponge-like.  They are supposed to simulate walking on sand which is thought to take more effort and it also takes more effort to keep your balance on these shoes.


I hope wearing these will improve my posture and help me lose a few more pounds.  It was really easy to shed about 80% of my pregnancy weight but these last 20% (~6 lbs) is still taking some work.  I need to find some more time to do some actual working-out.

Plus I probably should go back to a higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet.  Although we didn’t follow that when we went for dinner at Sushi Rika tonight.  I have missed sushi because of the rice and the raw fish.  The restaurant is very close to where we live and I bought a Groupon a few weeks ago for $20 for $40 worth of food so we thought we’d finally try it tonight since neither of us felt like cooking.

Without realizing it, the specialty rolls we ordered were all fried.  My bad.  Next time I want to try their sashimi over rice dish.  But for tonight, the rolls were delicious although the fish was probably a bit masked by all the sauces on the rolls.

Jumping Tail Roll.  A little sweet, a little spicy and with a nice little salad in the middle.


Dynamite Roll.  The asparagus was quite refreshing.


India Express.  There was a bit of curry powder mixed in somewhere, a bit light but nice.  Nice presentation.


We also ordered the hamachi kama appetizer, always a favorite of ours.


Overall, our tummies were satisfied.  The size of the rolls were good for the price (~$10 per roll).  They also have Happy Hour everyday from 5-8pm on beer and hot sake.  Unfortunately we didn’t get the happy hour special because it was one of the restrictions for the Groupon so we paid full price for a bottle of sake.  Since all these rolls were cooked, I would be interested to see how their raw fish dishes taste.  Even though it is so close by, I’m not sure when we will be back since the service was kind of spotty.  This was actually our second attempt to eat here since when we tried a few weeks back, there was a bunch of people waiting although there were empty tables that just needed to be cleaned.  At that time they told us the wait was still going to be an hour so we decided to leave.  During this visit, we felt like they were trying to get rid of us as soon as possible after we finished eating.  Maybe they were unhappy we were using a Groupon?  Even so, they shouldn’t act any different than if we were regular customers.  Why else sign up with Groupon?

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