Blueberries and Pineapples

Day 262

Ron has set up a laptop for Simon that plays music VCDs. It is sometimes on in the background so that he can have some nursery rhymes being sung while he is playing with other toys or sometimes he watches the videos that go along with it. The laptop has to be out of reach though or else Simon will start banging and drooling all over it.

Simon has learned to appreciate blueberries. I cut them in half so they would be easier for him to gum and he seems to really like them. He can pick them up by himself and put them in his mouth then proceed to eat them quickly and wanting more.

Today was Simon’s first piece of pineapple. According to Ron, he ate 2 little chunks without too much difficulty.

Pulling bins out again.

Notice Simon’s crooked jaw (his teeth are to the right a bit), something new he started doing recently.

Ron and Simon brought us some boba drinks and snacks at my work but unfortunately Simon was fast asleep so I didn’t get to give him a hug. Thank you Ron and Simon for bring us boba drinks and snacks! My coworkers and I really appreciate it!

Mommy’s Little Monster…

Naughty little man trying to reach for my iPhone on the couch. At least he is trying to cruise while he is reaching for my phone so in a way, it is good exercise and practice for him.

On our last visit to Grandma Tam, she gave Simon a little monkey puppet. It has really big eyes and lets you control his legs and feet (but his mouth does not open and close). He found it funny when I was playing peekaboo with it tonight.

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