Tunnel crawl

Day 263

We went to Simon’s Gymboree class this morning and he discovered the colorful tunnel today. He was really excited to crawl through it. It’s a collapsible tunnel made of parachute-like fabric with a wire frame. He even tried to stand on it but since it is not really sturdy, he wasn’t able to get up completely into the standing position.

Hello everyone! Mommy was almost crazy enough to buy the tunnel for $30 but decided against it since he might get bored of it if it was at home. If he gets to play with it once a week at Gymboree then maybe he’ll keep interested.

Simon has a new fleece hat for the winter weather. This is supposed to be a 1-2 year old size hat. Simon has a big head! It also comes with matching mittens.

It is a dino print and has these three tassles on top.

Gotta keep warm during this winter. I wouldn’t want Simon to be uncomfortable again with another cold. I know cold weather doesn’t really cause colds but better to keep him warm and hopefully healthy.

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