Blueberry Face

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simon’s lunch of Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets, carrots, Korean pear, strawberries, and a fortune cookie.
I’m starting to think that Simon’s lunches are getting a bit boring so I’ll have to brainstorm a bit more. Plus I haven’t been getting much sleep since Iris has not been sleeping well due to her stuffy nose and slight cough. I’ve been rushing in the mornings to clean dishes, clean bottles, prepare breakfast, and prepare lunches. Surprisingly though, Simon’s lunches usually come back completely finished. I think the school does a good job in encouraging them to eat during lunch.

Iris has been enjoying freeze dried blueberries lately. She’s drooling again (teething?) so the blue color gets all over her chin.

Simon “selfie”.

Iris playing with big brother’s coloring book.

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