Chalk Artist

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Simon’s lunch of Korean melon (the small yellow ones), strawberries, Jelly Belly beans, and mini hot dog croissants.

The sun is still out when we arrive home from work and school. Simon wanted to use the chalk party favors we got from Sunday’s birthday party to draw with. We have a small stone patio in the front that is perfect to keep Simon away from the street so that he could draw to his heart’s content.

He ended up drawing his favorite planes in the sky with clouds, the sun, and a rainbow plus a picture of us as a family.

Here is a closeup of our family in our minivan. Originally he forgot Iris but then put her inside in her carseat (she is the green person).

Iris loves being outdoors too. She loves seeing the flowers and tree branches sway in the breeze and loves to listen and watch the birds. Her cold is slowly getting better but still with a slight runny nose but not really coughing at night.

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