Bottle Battle

Friday, July 5, 2013

An update on bottle feeding. We tried the Dr. Brown’s bottles a few more times but Iris cried and screamed and just wouldn’t have it. Then we tried Born Free and she took to it, but very unwillingly and it took an hour to feed her 2 oz (60 ml). So I went one day to Babies R Us and bought at least one of each of the recommended bottles for “babies who refuse bottles”. Including the first two we tried, here’s all of them lined up. Left to right: Dr. Brown’s, Born Free, Lansinoh mOmma, Tommee Tippee, Medela Calma, Avent, and Playtex Drop-ins.


I didn’t know where to start so went with Amazon reviews. The one that immediately stood out was the Lansinoh mOmma bottle. It had the most reviews for success in babies who were breastfed only then refused the bottle once introduced. Apparently the shape helps to mimic breastfeeding since it is squat so you can hold it tilted toward you so baby thinks he or she is still drinking from the boob. The nipple is softer than all those silicone nipples so more comforting to baby. The small vent supposedly works great to reduce gas.

Guess what? It worked. She cried for 5-10 minutes the first time before drinking 2 oz and yesterday, she drank 3 oz (90 ml) without a peep! Today she got a little upset because she was too hungry. I’m glad we found a bottle that she will take so I won’t need to worry when I go back to work. Now time to return all those other unused bottles to Babies R Us… Thank goodness for their 90 day return policy!

Now for pictures of the kiddos.
My little man loves his shark hat 🙂

Go Bears! Thanks Will and Lulu for the cute Hello Kitty crinkle book. For now, I like it more than Iris 😛


Today’s weather was completely different than yesterday. Yesterday was super hot and dry. Today was cold and extremely windy. But a good day for kite flying! Ron and Simon went to the park to see if they could get the kite in the sky… and they were successful! I love Simon’s smile.


Other big event for the day…

STOP reading if you are easily grossed out…

Have you ever experienced projectile poop?! I had my first unfortunate experience today. Simon gave us many “golden showers” but never a shooting stream of poop. It all happened in slow motion. I put Iris on the changing table, undid the sides on the diaper, then turned around to grab a wipe, and as I turned back towards her, I see this yellow-orange stream of poop coming towards me. It hit me on my chest and in my hair before hitting the diaper pail, the bookshelf, the carpet, and a few swaddle blankets. It reached a good 3 ft in distance. I’m completely grossed out and I look at Iris and she was just contently lying there like nothing happened… and to her, nothing did happen except a satisfying bowel movement. So I just had to calmly clean her up and change her, clean up the mess on everything else, then give Iris to Ron before going to shower myself. The image of that stream of poop is embedded in my head… I’m still sort of grossed out thinking about it. I am also hoping it doesn’t stain anything as it is going through the wash right now. Just eww!

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