Boxed Foods Company

We had lunch this afternoon at Boxed Foods Company. For some reason I was craving a salad and this is one of the places that came up in our area when I searched on Yelp.

Ron ordered the honey-lime chicken and avocado sandwich ($8). It’s served with a small side salad and some oranges. I only had a little bite and everything tasted really fresh and light.

I ordered the grilled steak salad ($9) which has grilled flank steak (cold), cherry tomatoes, shaved red onions, cucumber, feta cheese, fresh mint with caper and lemon vinaigrette. The steak was a bit tough because it was cold and was a bit bland. Otherwise it was refreshing and satisfied my craving.

I can understand how this would be a popular lunch spot with all their fresh ingredients and they brew Blue Bottle Coffee. It does seem a bit pricey but when you want something of higher quality, you have to pay for it…

Boxed Foods Company
245 Kearny Street

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