BRAT diet

Day 289

BRAT = Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast (and add “TY” for Tea and Yogurt)
Simon really hasn’t had much of an appetite since yesterday and didn’t want to eat any breakfast with me this morning either. He actually also seemed to have vomited a little in bed, there was some sticky white stuff on his blanket and Winnie the Pooh plush. Ron also hadn’t been feeling well. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when nausea suddenly hit me at work. It was too overwhelming so that I had to go home sick. I’ve only ever done this one other time in almost 7 years on the job. I think this it the third or fourth time I’ve been sick with something this year but the first time it’s been bad enough for me to be home.

Luckily for me and Simon, Ron was feeling better so he took care of us. I went home and crawled into bed while Ron entertained Simon. Ron tried to teach Simon to share his toys.

Simon is also probably still sick and a bit tired since even though he wanted to play, he seemed like he wanted to lie down to play with his rattles.

After I finally was able to get up to eat some dinner, I also fed Simon some dinner. His first solid food meal all day. They are freeze dried bananas and Joe’s O’s. Simon doesn’t like rice and we didn’t have apple sauce so this is the closest I could find to bananas and toast.

“Hmm… sour”

“Yo mama!”

“Just playing!”

“Mama, are you ok?”

After this I had to go back to lie down again after having some porridge. I think it made me nauseated and tired again so Ron had to finish feeding Simon.

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