Another sick day at home

Day 290

I stayed home another day from work because I was having all over body aches and still exhausted. There was enough coverage at work so at least I wasn’t worried that I was leaving them high and dry. I basically slept most of the day. I think I was only awake an hour for each meal and basically slept the rest of the time. Simon also slept a lot (although not quite as much as me) and did not really eat much. He basically stuck to a liquid diet of milk all day long. Ron tried to feed Simon but instead Simon felt like making raspberries… complete with saliva overflow…

Ron ordered dinner for us and we were waiting for it to be delivered. Simon discovered all our takeout menus and decided to test out what sounds they make.

He had a good time flapping them around once he realized they make a fluttering sound. We were afraid he might get a papercut or try to eat the paper but just had some fun with holding them and waving his arms around.

At least he seems like his usual happy self for a few minutes. He must be feeling better and slowly so am I.

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