Breakfast at home and Lunch at Epic Roasthouse

I had a lovely breakfast this morning prepared by RC. He used these cute egg molds that we bought at Disney World many years ago.

In the late morning we went to the Ferry Plaza to walk around the Farmers Market before meeting up with our friends Susan & Ken for lunch. We wanted to catch up and to thank them for planning our baby shower a few weeks ago. We had lunch at Epic Roasthouse.

It was a lovely day and we had a seat near the windows. I read that this restaurant has great happy hour so I look forward to being able to enjoy that sometime as well.

I started with the lavender lemonade with green tea. The lavender flavor is obvious but the lemon and green tea is not. It was refreshing though.

Ron ordered from their “Hangover Libations”, this is called “Orange”. It tasted like a mimosa except that it had a bit of bitters.

At the table they offered three types of salt: pink, sea salt, black salt. We taste tested them all and I personally liked the black salt.

Their bread selection included a puff (cheese I think), cornbread-like madeleines, and a airy but chewy bread.

They had a few changes to the menu so I ordered one of their specials, the lobster quiche which was topped with potatoes and a small salad and a sauce of caviar creme fraiche. There were only a few pieces of lobster but the flavor of the quiche was good, I like the pastry and the freshness of the salad.

Ron had the steak enchiladas (one of the lunch items). I thought the wrapping was a bit too thick and the meat not seasoned enough but then I only had one bite.

We also tried their side of onion rings with the housemade ketchup (with anchovies). It was yummy.

I had a lovely day of eating then a massage at Burke Williams in the evening. This was my fourth pregnancy massage, I still have two more to use before baby is born. I look forward to taking my maternity leave in a week and a half and having some more time to prepare but also relax.

Epic Roasthouse
369 Embarcadero

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