Cheesecake Thumbprints – Martha Stewart Baking Handbook

I’ve been baking about once a week for work. One of the nurses had requested that I bake at least one more time for them to tide them over until I come back from maternity leave but I figured I’d try to do it once a week for the fun of it.

Today’s treat are cheesecake thumbprint cookies from the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. Mine didn’t turn out very pretty because I think the dough may have been a bit dry but still tasted yummy.

I couldn’t find the recipe on the Martha Stewart website but you can see it at this link. For the cookie dough, I used light brown sugar and whole wheat flour. The cookie came out very much like shortbread so was a bit crumbly and very buttery. I was able to make about 25 cookies, all eaten up within 2 hours.

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