Bridges Golf Club, Jetlag, and House of Prime Rib

This morning I didn’t wake up until almost 11… it was a good sleep. My parents’ guest room bed is very comfortable, soft but firm. I finally woke up once my brother came over and we all went to have brunch at the Bridges Golf Club, close to my parents’ house. They have quite a nice dining room and serve a good brunch.

I had the crab mango arugula salad with avocado dressing.

We sat outside on the balcony. It was quite nice and warm but not humid like Singapore. We enjoyed a nice brunch.

Ron had a meeting in SF so he headed out after brunch whereas I ended up back at my parents’ house and did some things before taking a nap from 2:30-4:30pm. It was really hard to get up, I was really exhausted. My dad took my mom to the airport since she was heading to Vegas so I had the house to myself and it was really quiet so that’s probably part of the reason I kept on sleeping.

I woke up and discovered no one home so went to play with my cats and the dog. The kitties became a little more warm. They became more curious about me… as you can see they are approaching warily.. Misu is on the left and Mochi is on the right.

But shortly after, Mochi crawled back underneath the bed and I couldn’t do anything to coax her out…

Misu though became his usual self and crawled into my lap for a while… it made me really happy he started to purr…

After playing with them a bit and hanging out with my dad, I headed to the BART station to take it in to SF. I didn’t want to try to drive to SF and find parking. We had made plans for dinner with our friends Susan and Ken. They recently got engaged so we wanted to congratulate them. Ron and I have been craving some good beef so we made a reservation at House of Prime Rib for dinner. It was definitely worth it but I’m feeling still feeling super stuffed. I hope my stomach can digest all the prime rib I ate.

I enjoyed the House Cut, of course with the side salad, baked potato, Yorshire pudding, and creamed spinach (although I didn’t finish all the sides…). Yum!

Baked potato with all the fixin’s: butter, sour cream, bacon, and chives!

All of us happily full after our meal:

I took the BART home since Ron starts his course tomorrow so he headed to stay in Millbrae at his parents’ house. Ken took the BART with me partway since he was heading down to Fremont so at least I didn’t have to ride the train all the way alone. BART versus MRT at 9:30pm is much different. In the Singapore MRT, it’ll still have quite a few people that you may still need to stand (like after my Chinese course) while BART is almost empty, there were only 6 people in the car of the 4-car train. Plus now it costs $9USD round-trip from Walnut Creek to San Francisco! Yikes, so expensive.

But it took me back to Walnut Creek safely and from there I drove back to San Ramon. This evening on the way to the station, I dropped by a Petco to buy my kitties a new toy. I figured bribery may work and I was right. I played with them for an hour and they seemed more animated and friendly. I guess it just takes time for them to remember you and forgive you.

Now I can’t quite sleep since it’s late afternoon in Singapore but am going to try to head to bed so I can get up early to make plans for the rest of the week… it’s so good to be home.

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