Exploring Home and Indulging in Zachary’s Pizza

I’m still feeling the effects of the time difference… it was really hard for me to wake up this morning even though I set an alarm to wake up by 8:30am, I didn’t get out of bed until 10:30. I just kept on hitting the snooze…

When I finally did get up and fed and played with my kitties and fed and played with the dog, it was already 1pm so a bit late to get anyone to go to lunch and I thought a bit too late to bother anyone about dinner. So I sent out a bunch of emails instead to arrange the rest of my week and dedicated today for myself.

I visited some of my favorite places:

1. Starbucks
2. Old Navy
3. Barnes & Nobles
4. Staples
5. Michael’s
6. Bed Bath & Beyond
7. Ross Dress For Less
8. Lucky (it was still Albertson’s when I left)
9. Zachary’s

But I still haven’t gotten to Target. I totally forgot since it was pretty late when I left Walnut Creek to come back to San Ramon. Oh well, no worries, I’ll get there tomorrow hopefully.

It was really nice just walking around and everything still feeling familiar. It’s really fun driving a car again although I’m getting even worse at parking, even if it’s just a regular space, I’m a poor judge of distance.

My dad got off work late tonight and since my mom is in Vegas, I brought home a Zachary’s deep dish chicken pizza for the both of us to share.

It’s pizza so you would think unhealthy but it has a lot of veggies and isn’t really greasy like most pizzas.

Before I ate, I let the dog run around, literally she ran around in circles, I think she’s part greyhound or something… then after dinner I played with the kitties. It’s so nice to have pets around again. The dog is always happy to see anyone. The kitties are warming up each day… they’ll actually approach me when I walk into their room.



Also, I tried an interesting “health” drink I guess you’d call it. I went to Lucky to buy my Odwalla Protein Vanilla Soy drink but my parents have this drink called Mona-Vie. It’s a proprietary blend of the acai berry. I had an acai latte when I was in Shanghai and found it to not have much of a taste because I think it was masked by the soy milk. This Mona-Vie drink is mixed with lots of other fruits as well so I still don’t think I know what the acai berry tastes like. The drink is really thick too and has to be shaken really well to evenly disperse the sediment. My dad says it’s $55 per bottle! They sell it at their retail pharmacies so that’s why they have a few bottles at home.

I Googled some testimonials on it and people seem to think it a sort of miracle drink. If it gets rid of my jetlag, maybe I’ll start believe it. Will keep you posted.

Should try to get some beauty sleep now… these dark circles underneath my eyes are not attractive…

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