Bring Your Baby To Work Day

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Simon’s lunch of chicken quesadilla from yesterday’s lunch plus strawberries and apples. Shredded chicken works best in quesadillas it seems.
When we got back last night, we found our nanny Annie with a bad cold. Apparently she had been sick all weekend and stuck indoors with a cough, congestion, runny nose, etc. So to let her rest and to hopefully not get Iris sick, I took most of the day off except that I went in to pick up medicine for Annie and to work from 4-5:30pm since the pharmacist had to leave early. Iris was very well behaved and let one of my techs hold her. This is Vibol.
I carried her most of the time in my Ergo carrier.
But we were glad to get home.
and chew on a good book.
Simon was very generous today and gave Iris his smaller version of Ziggy which is named Gabby.
I put Gabby next to Iris as she slept.
I hope I can keep Iris healthy!

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